The Inhibispheres® are controlled release system for corrosion protection. The Inhibispheres® technology is based on the encapsulation and controlled release of corrosion inhibitors inside porous silica particles. The Inhibispheres can be simply milled into the paint like standard pigment. The inhibitors are released by diffusion through the porous silica matrix in the presence of water in the coating. The inhibitors then diffuse rapidly to the corrosion site to protect the metal (e.g. steel, aluminium).

The Inhibispheres® have a number of key advantages compared to traditional anti-corrosion pigments:
  • Green cost-effective solution: The Inhibispheres® use significantly less active (10-30 times less) for similar performances due to their sustained released capability. In contrast to more traditional anti-corrosion pigments, the incorporation of Inhibispheres® inside a paint will not attract additional safety labels on the final product, and you can also produce environmentally friendly coatings based on purely organic inhibitors (metal free), and thus future-proof your formulation.
  • Simplification of paint system: The addition of Inhibispheres® does not interfere with optical properties. This means that they can be added to the top coat, providing anti-corrosive properties while maintaining the gloss. This would potentially allow the replacement of a primer and topcoat system by a single coating (direct-to-metal). This represents a significant cost saving for the end user and the potential to design a premium product for the paint manufacturer.
  • Additive: The addition of Inhibispheres® to existing anti-corrosion paint formulations can extend the duration of the corrosion protection without significant reformulation.
  • Compatibilisation: Encapsulation inside the Inhibispheres® enables the use of inhibitors which will normally react with, or result in the destabilisation of the paint chemistry.
  • Ease of process: The Inhibispheres® can be easily incorporated in a wide range of paints including waterborne, solvent based and powder coating formulations. The Inhibispheres® are extremely resistant mechanically and can be grinded (pearl mill) or even extruded (powder coating). Finally, the Inhibispheres® do not affect the mechanical or chemical resistance properties of the coating



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