Pigment Dispersion

Gemini Dispersions is a truly global producer and supplier of quality pigment dispersions.
Sold under the brand name of 'GemSperse', the majority of the products utilise their own unique blend of surfactants and resin systems, offering an excellent combination of multi-compatibility, quality and value for money.

Gemini Dispersions can be used in a wide variety of applications across a range of aqueous and solvent based systems.

Some of our key market areas include:

  • Aqueous paint system
  • Solvent based paint systems
  • Wood coloration
  • Printing inks
  • Latex coloration
  • PVC and polymer systems
  • Foam
  • Epoxy resin systems
  • Agrochemicals
  • Seed coating
  • Paper coating
  • Artists colours
  • Construction materials
  • Textile printing
  • Soaps & detergents
  • Digital printing inks
  • Educational colours

Product Range:

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GemSperse EX Series
  NPE/VOC free aqueous dispersions which display excellent application and compatibility properties.
GemSperse EP Series
  NPE/VOC free aqueous dispersions.
GemSperse AX Series
  High gloss aqueous dispersions based on a styrenated acrylic resin.
GemSperse AD Series
  Surfactant free aqueous dispersions based on a solubilised acrylic resin.
GemSperse Polyol Series
  A range of highly dispersed pigments in reactive polyol carriers.
GemSperse XP Series
  A range of finely dispersed pigments in a variety of plasticisers.
GemSperse UX Series
  A range of multi-compatible solvent based preparations, suitable for automated dispensing.
GemSperse WX Series
  A range of concentrated pigment dispersions in highly compatible long oil alkyd resins.
GemSperse TX Series
  Aqueous and solvent based preparations specifically designed for the coloration of wood.
GemSperse BX Series
  NPE/VOC free aqueous dispersions.
GemSperse Pearlescent PX Series
  Aqueous pearlescent dispersions based on an acrylic resin system.
GemSperse NX Series
  Aqueous dispersions based on an acrylic resin system which utilize a BIT/formaldehyde-free cosmetic approved preservative.
GemSperse FX Series
  Aqueous fluorescent dispersions based on an acrylic resin system.



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